Learning & Immersive Experiences

Immersive VR Solutions

Learning & Immersive Experiences brings together online training tools and environments to produce interactive and engaging training material; Lampada has extensive experience in the field of learning.

Adopting immersive methods within your training programs can produce a more engaging and fulfilling experience. Using the latest technology in our customised VR and AR training material will provide better retention of information and safe environments to undertake complex and hazardous tasks.

We can develop full online training courses that meet your specific requirements and are capable of supporting high volumes of course attendees.

Living with Dementia

The online Living with Dementia module was developed in as part of a large scale NIHR applied research programme (2008-2017) on the Management of Challenging Behaviour in dementia both at home and in care homes. The platform, software and the health components (i.e. multi-morbidities/medications) were fully updated (2018/19) with technological support from Lampada.

Modern Slavery Awareness

The Modern Slavery Awareness module was created for the Wilberforce Institute, in conjunction with The University of Hull. It is an online module which can be accessed by the purchaser's in-house teams and by its suppliers. One of the main recommendations of the Modern Slavery Act is that organisations should track their performance through KPIs; the module enables organisations to establish training and trackable KPIs for both its in-house teams and suppliers.

Immersive Training - Working at Heights

Many companies are now looking to implement VR as a supplementary tool for corporate training. It can increase engagement and knowledge retention levels whilst training in a safe and cost-efficient way.
Safety is paramount when working on equipment at heights such as a frame tower, but instilling the response required from your engineers takes time. Providing a fully immersive virtual reality environment to perform the training, where you can adopt the approach you need without leaving the office, is a great interactive way to provide the training and assess the candidate’s ability to act safely when performing maintenance.

Telecoms prototype

Performing maintenance on telegraph poles is a daily event. However, the intensive training engineers receive before they even leave the office, can be dry and difficult to absorb for those used to working with their hands.

LIMA – Large Incident Multiple Agency

Emergency planning and training at COMAH sites is conducted on a regular basis, this includes assessing the approach and providing methods of safely dealing with complex situations.

Virtual incident commander

Developed to train Commanders on how to deal with incidents on the scene, this trainer led programme allows the trainee to be remote (i.e. at station and on shift) whilst delivering a highly immersive experiential environment to train in.