Why Choose Lampada

Here at Lampada, alongside using the latest technologies to provide you with the maximum benefits from all your solutions, we also use the latest, cutting edge development techniques. We believe passionately in the agile software development approach and there’s an emphasis on working closely with the customer. We don’t control change, we welcome change. We empower customers and users so that they can get the system they want and need – not software that was defined on paper two years ago.

Being agile means that we operate in fluid teams. This enables us to maximize our capacity and respond quickly when needed. All our software has a reputation for being easy to use, feature rich, having technical depth and stable and secure.

Our Case Studies

Wellbeing in Policing (CFH)

CLIENT:Humberside Police

Future Work Design – Centre for Human Factors (CFH)

CLIENT:East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Hull City Council, North Lincolnshire Council, North East Lincolnshire Council

University of Hull 360 Video Team GB Project

CLIENT:University of Hull

Command and Control (C&C)

CLIENT:Cleveland Fire Brigade

Command & Control (C&C)


CLIENT:Centre for Human Factors, University of Hull

EQUIP - Online Survey Platform

LIMA – Large Incident Multiple Agency

CLIENT:HFR Solutions

Help Callum 360 Experience

CLIENT:The SeriousGeoGames Lab (Energy and Environment Institute, University of Hull)

Living With Dementia

CLIENT:Challenge Demcare

Living With Dementia

Web Risk Management

CLIENT:Staffordshire Fire & Rescue

Web Risk Management

Modern Slavery

CLIENT:Wilberforce Institute

Online E-learning Course on Modern Slavery Act