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With extensive expertise and knowledge of both the private and public sectors, plus mission critical designed packages, our team delivers bespoke, custom designed, innovative software to meet the specific requirements of each and every client.

Centre for Human Factors (CFH)

Applied Research & Consultancy Services

Our vision is that as a nation we make the same progress in mental health and safety over the next ten years as we have in physical health and safety over the last 30 years.

Our mission is to work with organisations nationally to embed evidence-based, pro-active and preventative approaches to stress management in the workplace.

We do this by applying systematic and robust methods of analysis to support organisations in understanding their unique organisational challenges. This enables proactive and targeted intervention with the best possible chance of long-term positive impact.

Intelligent Response

Intelligent Response by Lampada is a suite of applications that support the next generation of front-line responder organisations.

With today’s increasing sources of data, it is even more important to present information clearly so that control room operators or mobile teams can make informed decisions at speed - critical where lives are at risk.

Our Intelligent Response Team ensures this, by bringing together critical risk and situational information within intuitive interfaces, enabling different data sources to be processed and presented when and where they are most needed.

As well as providing easy-to-use bespoke software for our partnered Fire and Rescue services, we offer contract project services for clients within both the public and private sectors.

Learning & Immersive Experiences

Learning & Immersive Experiences brings together online training tools and environments to produce interactive and engaging training material.

Adopting immersive methods within your training programs can produce a more engaging and fulfilling experience. Using the latest technology in our customised VR and AR training material will provide better retention of information and safe environments to undertake complex and hazardous tasks.

We can develop full online training courses that meet your specific requirements and are capable of supporting high volumes of course attendees.

Digital Outcomes

From bespoke digital transformational solutions to scaling up customers’ delivery teams, our Digital Delivery Academy presents the technical skills and delivery expertise necessary to fulfil projects on time and successfully.

The team are innovative and passionate about building solutions that make business processes more efficient, while improving the end user experience and enabling companies to achieve more.

Through technology adoption and deep engagement with our clients, the academy uses best practice frameworks to provide tangible outcomes that deliver real business value to organisations.