Living with Dementia

Living with Dementia

The online Living with Dementia module was developed in as part of a large scale NIHR applied research programme (2008-2017) on the Management of Challenging Behaviour in dementia both at home and in care homes. The platform, software and the health components (i.e. multi-morbidities/medications) were fully updated (2018/19) with technological support from Lampada.

This course is aimed at empowering staff / practitioners working with people with dementia and their families to respond effectively to unmet health and psychosocial need(s) in a person with dementia. These are often the cause(s) of so-called ‘challenging behaviours’. The online course is not intended for use by people with dementia or families. The term ‘challenging behaviour’ does not imply ‘mis-behaviour’ that can undermine dignity in people living with dementia.

Product Benefits

  • Trains professional carers
  • Developed in partnership with the NHS
  • Improves care for patients

Case Study

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