Digital Outcomes

Digital Outcomes

From bespoke digital transformational solutions to scaling up customers’ delivery teams, our Digital Delivery Academy presents the technical skills and delivery expertise necessary to fulfil projects on time and successfully.

The team are innovative and passionate about building solutions that make business processes more efficient, while improving the end user experience and enabling companies to achieve more.

Through technology adoption and deep engagement with our clients, the academy uses best practice frameworks to provide tangible outcomes that deliver real business value to organisations.

Academic Workload Planner

The Academic Workload Planner (AWP) project was commissioned by the University of Hull, as a result of a need for uniformity and transparency in their academic workload planning. The Digital Delivery Academy (part of the University of Hull-owned subsidiary, Lampada Digital Solutions) were asked to create a tool that would allow line managers to plan their staff workloads in a way that reflects the principles and tariff allocations in the Academic Workload Planning Framework policy, whilst demonstrating the uniformity and transparency the university were seeking in the academic workload planning process.