Immersive Training - Working at Heights

Immersive Training - Working at Heights

Many companies are now looking to implement VR as a supplementary tool for corporate training. It can increase engagement and knowledge retention levels whilst training in a safe and cost-efficient way.

Safety is paramount when working on equipment at heights such as a frame tower, but instilling the response required from your engineers takes time. Providing a fully immersive virtual reality environment to perform the training, where you can adopt the approach you need without leaving the office, is a great interactive way to provide the training and assess the candidate’s ability to act safely when performing maintenance.

Product Benefits

  • Provide a safe environment to introduce course attendee's to working at heights
  • Content can be customised to meet your specific training requirements
  • Safely introduce attendees to high risk environments
  • Improve retention of course material through increased engagement
  • Reduce costs by shortening course length
  • Reduce attendee's expenses and travel costs
  • A clear return on investment model, based upon efficiency gains

Case Study

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