Command and Control (C&C)

The Challenge

Cleveland Fire Brigade have always been dependent on an efficient control centre to ensure operations can be successfully identified and completed.

The control room is the first port of call for public distress; the operators are responsible for answering emergency calls and extracting the key information regarding the incidents at hand. Once this information is received, the control team then mobilises the mission critical assets for the front-line crews.

The issue with effectively achieving this arises with difficulties between the control room and response crews in terms of communication, and when accessing information on asset availability takes a substantial amount of time. A system which enables improved communication and access to suppliance availability therefore became a necessity. This is where Command and Control comes in.

The Solution

Cleveland FB contacted Lampada and asked us to produce software to facilitate the access and sharing of key information between their teams. Lampada worked with the CFB to create a program which fit their needs so well that it sparked the interest of other fire service teams around the country.

The result is a Command and Control (C&C) system – designed to mobilise and control all appliances and assets from fire control, based in headquarters. A graphical map representation provides a real-time picture of the situation on the ground, providing the ability to dynamically mobilise resources and manage any incident efficiently and effectively. This precision enables appliances to be maximised and the delivery of the service level required for every emergency response situation.

The software provides Cleveland’s C&C operators with comprehensive control over fleet assets, including fire engines with MDTs and officer vehicles with our Officer MDT application.

Information can be input quickly and easily and informs the mobilisation of assets. Time is always of the essence. The software features many in-depth mapping tools to allow the user in control to assess the incident area, enabling them to dispatch the closest assets as soon as possible.

Enables mobilisation of the most suitable specialist resources with the speediest response times

“Cleveland Fire Brigade have now been utilising the Lampada Command and Control System since 2011. During this time we have had a number of upgrades some of which have required specialist developments requested by us to enable our service to deliver an effective and efficient mobilising system. Lampada have responded to our requests and worked diligently with our ICT team to ensure the successful upgrades have been implemented, enabling Cleveland Fire Brigade to mobilise the most suitable specialist resources with the speediest response times utilising the Lampada Command and Control System. More recent developments from Lampada will allow us to integrate our staffing tools to ensure swift availability of retained resources, and also integration with new technology such as What3 Words.”

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