Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

Adam: I’m living in Hull at the moment, I’m originally from Cheshire but moved up to Hull to go to University. In my free time I enjoy playing and creating games, cooking and going for walks.

Jason: I recently moved to Hull from Bridlington where I grew up. I spend most of my time working, making coffee, listening to music and then working some more. I am a little bit work obsessed and I very rarely find any free time. The little free time I do have I tend to spend doing my other hobbies.

What were you doing before you joined the Lampada team? 

Adam: I was a student in Computer Science at the University of Hull.

Jason: Before I came to Lampada I was studying Digital Design at Hull University from 2017-2020. Once I finished my degree I did some freelancing for a few months until I came across an internship opportunity at Lampada. I initially joined for a 3 month period in the summer and then returned in November 2020.

What is your job role at Lampada? 

Adam: I am part of the Learning & Immersive team at Lampada as a Software Developer.

Jason: My role at Lampada is as a 3D Artist, I build 3D models primarily for immersive experiences. The role includes modelling assets, creating textures, and texturing assets. Most of the assets I build for projects are in a realistic style, I use blender for modelling and substance painter/designer for texturing for the most part.

Tell us your favourite thing about working at Lampada… 

Adam: I enjoy Lampada being a small team which promotes good engagement with clients and the rest of the team.

Jason: My favourite thing about working at Lampada is working as part of a small team. I like that my work amounts to a good amount of a project and contributes to a lot of the overall look and feel of a project.

What is your proudest achievement? 

Adam: My proudest moment would probably be completing the Chase walk, a 38.2 Mile walk over and around Cannock Chase. Either that or achieving at First at University.

Jason: My proudest achievement has to be graduating from University with First Class Honours.

What do you get up to out of work? 

Adam: I Like to get out in the countryside for walks and then head back to a pub for a nice meal and a few drinks.

Jason: When I am not at work I tend to work on other design projects either freelance or just for fun. My freelance work consists mostly of designing and building websites and creating brand identities for clients. I love Graphic design and web design so I spend a considerable amount of time learning and reading about that. Logo’s and branding are particularly interesting to me so I spend a fair amount of time working on those both for clients or just for fun. I find it difficult to switch off and like to stay busy with projects.

On the off chance I am not working, I will most likely either playing my guitar or piano, making coffee, or very occasionally playing a game.

What do you prefer, tea or coffee? 

Adam: Coffee.

Jason: I am a huge coffee person. I couldn’t go a day without at least one cup of coffee, though admittedly its usually closer to 4 or 5. Coffee is really interesting to me, I have read a few really good books about it, most recently the World Atlas of Coffee. It is interesting to learn about different varietals of coffee and the origins of them. Coffee has admittedly turned into more of a hobby at this point.

What is your favourite movie? 

Adam: Not a movie but a tv show, Afterlife is my all-time favourite thing to watch.

Jason: I always struggle to pick a favourite movie, I usually flip between Back to The Future and Empire Strikes Back but it changes every time someone asks.

If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? 

Adam: Probably Frank Turner. One of my favourite Musicians.

Jason: I am really into music (I am pretty much always listening to something no matter what I am doing) and my favourite band is the Foo Fighters. So it would be really cool to meet Dave Grohl and or the whole band.

Do you have a party trick?? 

Adam: I play the guitar, Not a fan of playing in front of people though 😁

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