Technical Fire Safety (TFS)

Technical Fire Safety (TFS)

With an intuitive interface that runs on any modern web browser, welcome to the next generation in control.

Simple to use, automatically generate letters using fully customizable templates. Accompanied by a full audit history for any premise, and the ability to track owners’ history, whatever information you need is right at your fingertips. Combined with a fully integrated mobile site, that is fully capable of working offline, conducting inspections has never been simpler. With every action being recorded, risk is kept to a minimum, giving support to community at the right level.

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Product Benefits

  • Create risks with multiple jobs
  • Assign jobs to individual people
  • Categorise jobs
  • Customise letter templates
  • Preload data for letters
  • Carry out full and short audits
  • In app notifications
  • Role based application
  • Simple workflow
  • Access audit history
  • Exchange server integration
  • Supports all modern hardware
  • Works on Android, Apple, Windows
  • Works both on and offline

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