Web Risk Management

Web Risk Management

Do you have data moving too slowly in your system? Is there data in your system that front-end crews can’t access?

The key drivers behind Web Risk Management (WRM) are relevant, timely and accurate information. This new system captures risk information and passes it to front-line crews, via their MDTs, across the county within minutes. The application works on all modern hardware – windows, apple products, mobile devices – online and offline. Crew can capture risk information and sync it back to base, or to workstation PCs for ease of editing prior to syncing to the data storage. Risks can be automatically scored and the system can produce risk highlights for front-line crew that disseminate the relevant information in one place. Developed in conjunction with the Fire and Rescue Service and implementing the PORIS model, the system makes information easy to capture, quick to process and speedily delivered to your front-line crews.

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Product Benefits

  • Timely delivery of information
  • Implements PORIS model
  • Automatic score calculation
  • Generates risk highlight screens
  • High level reporting
  • Simple workflow
  • Runs on Windows, Apple, Android
  • Works both on/offline

Case Study

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