Officer Comms

Officer comms

Built on the same principles as our Brigid MDT2 software, Officer MDT is a modern solution designed to address the needs of officers. It works on modern, portable, multi-touch devices such as Windows tablets.

Besides standard status, AVL, text and mobilisation messages, officers can now finally have access to rich information such as risks, standard operating procedures, CAD documents, chemical information, crash recovery data, detailed map overlays and the location of other vehicles that are on the incident.

You can choose to give access to as much or as little of that information as you require, since the software has been designed with modularity in mind.

Optional integration with an offline sat nav system means that your officers know how to drive to the incident without requiring a constant 3G/4G connection.

Officer MDT provides all the information an officer might require on a very portable device that they can carry around with them everywhere. Whilst having access to such rich information is not always necessary, in the cases when it is required, it has the potential to save lives.

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