Command and Control

Command and Control

Lampada provides a Command and Control (C&C) system to track, mobilise and control all appliances and assets from headquarters. A graphical map representation provides a real-time picture of the situation on the ground, providing the ability to manage any incident efficiently and effectively. This precision enables appliances to be maximised and the delivery of the service level required for every emergency response situation.
Our Command and Control software has comprehensive control over fleet assets including fire engines with MDTs and officer vehicles with our Officer MDT application.

Information can be input quickly and easily and informs the mobilisation of assets. Time is always of the essence. The software features many in-depth mapping tools to allow the user in control to assess the incident area, enabling them to dispatch the closest assets as soon as possible.

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  • Visual map graphic
  • Real-time situational updates
  • Enables precise and effective responses
  • Works in tandem with our MDT2
  • Easily input information
  • In-depth mapping tools

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