Brigid MDT2

Brigid MDT2

Leaving early MDTS firmly in the past, Brigid MDT2 utilises the most advanced technologies available. Modular, cutting edge technical design means changes are easy, secure and safe and large suites of automated tests ensure upgrades carry minimal risk.

Brigid MDT2 was designed from the ground up, to work with modern devices such as demountable and ruggedized tablets. We have made large investments in streamlining the usability and user experience on multi-touch devices, so you can take full advantage of the latest hardware innovations. The experience mirrors what you would expect from the latest software running on portable devices.

Despite being highly feature-rich, the user interface has been optimised to require minimal typing and screen taps. Through the use of auto-complete features, smart search, fast message composition and the ability to actively guide the user towards which action is required next, Brigid MDT2 treats the firefighter’s time and expectations with the respect they deserve.

Its modular design also means that you can choose to use as little or as much functionality as your brigade requires, putting you in control of how the product will be utilised in your organisation, thus minimising any associated training overheads.

This isn’t old technology, crowbarred into modern hardware. This is the latest software designed specifically for the Emergency Services.

Simply put, Brigid MDT2 is the best long-term investment you can make.

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Product Benefits

  • Works on Windows touch
  • Rebuilt to maximise efficiency
  • Easy to add new modules
  • Easy to update information
  • Tabbed format
  • Auto complete search feature
  • Fuzzy search

Case Study

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