Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions

Lampada are a growing team of experienced professionals, who have a wealth of knowledge within software development, eLearning platforms, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality. Lampada’s digital solutions are created by all branches of the business. Which team works on each specific project is dependent on the requirements of the solution and which branch’s skills best meet the brief. The solutions are bespoke, custom designed, forward thinking software to meet the specific needs of each individual client.

Living with Dementia

The online Living with Dementia module was developed in as part of a large scale NIHR applied research programme (2008-2017) on the Management of Challenging Behaviour in dementia both at home and in care homes. The platform, software and the health components (i.e. multi-morbidities/medications) were fully updated (2018/19) with technological support from Lampada.

Modern Slavery Awareness

The Modern Slavery Awareness module was created for the Wilberforce Institute in conjunction with The University of Hull. It is an online module which can be accessed by the purchaser's in-house teams and by its suppliers. One of the main recommendations of the Modern Slavery Act is that organisations should track their performance through KPIs, the module enables organisations to establish training and trackable KPIs for both its in-house teams and suppliers.

Academic Workload Planner

The Academic Workload Planner (AWP) project was commissioned by the University of Hull, as a result of a need for uniformity and transparency in their academic workload planning. The Digital Delivery Academy (part of the University of Hull-owned subsidiary, Lampada Digital Solutions) were asked to create a tool that would allow line managers to plan their staff workloads in a way that reflects the principles and tariff allocations in the Academic Workload Planning Framework policy, whilst demonstrating the uniformity and transparency the university were seeking in the academic workload planning process.