Seed Software

Seed Software was established in 2006, and became part of Lampada Digital Solutions in 2020. Seed is a main competitor within the development of software for the UK’s Fire and Rescue services. Products are developed alongside our partnered Fire and Rescue services, ensuring each piece of software is catered to the needs of our partners. We are well known for providing easy-to-use software at competitive prices. As well as providing software for the Fire and Rescue services, we also provide contract project services for clients within both the public and private sectors

Technical Fire Safety (TFS)

With an intuitive interface that runs on any modern web browser, welcome to the next generation in control.

Officer comms

Put your officers in control of the information they require.


Brigid Server is the next generation of communications software and the central communication hub for all your inter-brigade needs.

Web Risk Management

Risk Management is a system to provide up-to-date risk information to your front-line crew quickly and from across the country, whether they're using a tablet or laptop, online or offline.

Command and Control

At the heart of fire control room operations, the Command and Control System is used by fire control operators in conjunction with the control room ICCS to perform key tasks in selecting, mobilising, positioning and tracking assets.

Brigid MDT2

MDT2 is the upgrade to the existing "Mobile Data Terminal" software and was designed from the ground up, to work with new and modern devices. It provides incident details and mapping to your assets, messaging between them and the base, plus many other features to keep your staff safe and up-to-date.