Seed VR Products

Immersive VR Solutions

Seed VR was established in 2017 to provide fully immersive training environments for commercial businesses. Seed VR has since engaged with a wide variety of businesses within telecoms, installation, maintenance and public services to deliver repeatable consistent solutions that enhance staff training and engagement.

Telecoms prototype

Performing maintenance on telegraph poles is a daily event, however, the intensive training engineers receive before they even leave the office, can be dry and difficult to absorb for those used to working with their hands.

LIMA – Large Incident Multiple Agency

Emergency planning and training at COMHA sites is conducted on a regular basis, this includes assessing the approach and providing methods of safely dealing with complex situations.

Virtual incident commander

Developed to train Commanders on how to deal with incidents on the scene, this trainer led programme allows the trainee to be remote (i.e. at station and on shift) whilst delivering a highly immersive experiential environment to train in.